Belgium Might Expel Church Of Scientology

You may have seen some of the recent developments in the news on the many charges that the Church of Scientology is facing in the country of Belgium, From running a very large organization involved in extortion, fraud and the practicing of illegal medicine, it’s no wonder that many have questioned the practices of this religious organization.

Some people believe the popular reason for the attraction of many movie stars, is the opportunity to launder money through the organization. From what it seems with the convening courtroom this week on the charges in Belgium, we may see other countries in Europe and even in the USA open up the secret practices of the Scientology church.

Currently the charges against top members of the church in Belgium include the church offering fake jobs for previous members by using an employment agency as a funnel to create converts.

While the trial may convict the church, it could simply create a new organizational name in the country to continue operation, making the entire month long trial ineffective and pointless. This isn’t the first time a country has convicted the organization of crimes. France did so back in 2009 and fined the Church almost 1 million dollars.

Previous members of the Church have had some of the most extreme complaints, and talk of the organization is simply a very large organization of criminal activity, hellbent on keeping members and their money. Going as far as blackmailing individuals who want to leave the church.

Chris Meganck had some comments of his own and seemed extremely confident in being able to clear the name of the church and many of the accusations that have been heaped on it in the trial this month in Belgium.

It is yet to be seen whether large fines will be added by the government if the organization is indeed found guilty of the charges. We will keep you up to date on the following developments.

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